Do you have a little one to keep busy this Summer? Running out of color books and ideas?

I have one kiddo going into 2nd Grade and one going into Kindergarten. I personally use for some seriously amazing FREE printable worksheets, activities, clickable games, and so much more! They even offer lesson plans, workbooks, songs and stories.

I struggle sometimes to make sure that my kids are learning on a daily basis while on Summer Break. We read lots of books but sometime’s the kids are only remembering the words and not challenging themselves to read one they don’t know. Worksheets and surprise activities make it fun for the kids and when I can print them out so easily it makes teaching so easy!

Click on the links below for a fun word search! My kids loved it! They have picked out 10 more worksheets each, I had to limit them because we chose over half the website on the first day. 🙂

Cute critters are here to make spelling practice fun! Be sure to check out for more fun learning resources.

Crawlies Word Search

Answer Key