Welcoming a baby is extremely exciting and stressful. Whether you are a first time Mom or you are brining home your fourth or fifth baby, it is a major transition. Most importantly it is a time for your body to heal and for you to bond with baby. You can prepare the best you can and plan for meals and outings but you never quite have it all together those first few days and weeks. Who could? You will be exhausted and hungry and sometimes you won’t feel up to cooking dinner when it’s time to eat or feed your family. Having visitors is a whole other story, although it’s nice to have human interaction it isn’t always the best time to entertain. Sure opening those adorable baby gifts is cute and all but what happens when they outgrow the outfit someone got because you never had time to wash it and put it in the right bin of clothes? Or my personal favorite is when you finally get around to re-opening all those gifts and find duplicates of something or a blanket you could have been using for the past few months. Postpartum is exhausting and it’s okay to feel overwhelmed.

So if you have a friend, sister, daughter, or someone who is about to have a baby what do you do? How can you avoid getting the same onesie set that they already got three times and returned two of? What can you get MOM? Bath bombs? Let’s be real, not all Mommies get a chance to take a bath after having baby. (I know I didn’t and should have.) Soaps and lotions, baby is super sensitive and whatever Mom puts on her body transfers to baby. A good book for when she is feeding, bah because she will never actually have time to open it. We all know you fall asleep while feeding. 😉 So what then? ….

It is a four letter word. F.O.O.D. Yup you read that correctly. Food. Plain and simple. I use to be apart of a Mom’s group when I lived in another state and they had this amazing Mommy Meals Program. Each Mom who had a baby had other Mom’s bring her meals for one week after baby. She got to choose if it was right away or the week after or whenever she needed. It was the most simple yet most amazing gift to give because whether you are having your first of fifth baby you still have to feed your family. Some Dad’s have a harder time keeping up on the household stuff and returning to work and yet still trying to help Mom out.

Mommy Meal Food Ideas:


I like to make a BIG batch of something, so they have it for a few days and/or Dad can take it for lunch. I usually pick something that I make for my family, so then I just make extra one night instead of adding time to my crazy day and making another meal for an hour. 😉 Mom tip right there, eh?

It truly is the easiest most caring gift you can give. I like to do all disposable dishes too. I usually buy the big silver baking pans with the lids, they even make one that comes with a cardboard carrier and then I add a fresh/frozen bread or some kind of side item. (I like to do a pasta.)


My Favorite Mommy Meal:

Chicken Broccoli Alfredo

*Egg Noodles (1 big bag)

*Chicken Breast (2-4 breasts depending on how much you want to make)

*Alfredo Sauce (3-4 jars)

*Parmesan cheese for topping

*Fresh Broccoli (You can certainly use frozen, I just prefer it fresh)


Boil noodles.

Steam Broccoli.

Bake Chicken to temp. (I season my chicken with garlic salt)


Cut chicken or shred.

Cut down Broccoli.

Add Noodles to baking pan.

Add Alfredo Sauce.

Stir good, I usually bake it for about 10 minutes and then add another jar on top.

Add Chicken and Broccoli.

Top with Parmesan.


I always write on the top of the clear lid:

“Fully cooked meal, just warm up to ensure sauce is warm enough to liking”

I also add a bread or salad to go along with it.


Bam! Family meal for an exhausted postpartum Mommy.