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Congratulations on your Pregnancy! Is this your first baby? Second? Fifth? Whatever the number it is such an exciting time! Telling your friends and family is a huge decision and milestone. Some people go all out and others keep it sweet and simple. How-ever you decide to announce your new bundle of joy is up to YOU.

I have three children and am expecting my fourth child. I announced each pregnancy different than the one before it. Each had different reactions and to be completely honest my most recent announcement did not get the excitement I would hope that a family would give a new baby. But, all families are different and everyone is busy in their own lives. We had some extremely excited friends and some family but overall it was extremely disappointing. It makes it difficult for our family because we are so overjoyed and our kids are thrilled, but at the end of the day our little life is all that truly matters. Right? Right!

So let’s talk about how you doing and how you are wanting to announce this exciting milestone of yours! I have a few things that might help in deciding how you want to tell the world!

Are you going to find out the gender of your baby? If so, you may want to think about when you announce. Maybe you wait until you know the gender and do a big bash at your house or a local park or restaurant. For us for example, we are finding out the gender of this baby, but we also just purchased our first home; so we are planning a BaByQ/Housewarming party this Fall to have everyone over.

Are you planning on telling everyone the gender of the baby if you do find out yourself? Or do you plan on keeping it a secret? This is the sweetest thing to keep to yourselves, especially if you don’t find out. I give serious props to couples who wait for it to be a surprise. I would like to think that we could do this considering we have two girls and one boy, but we are both dying to know! If you are finding out but keeping it a secret, are you waiting until baby arrives or are you planning a fun Holiday gift?

Are you open to having a baby shower or baby showers? Or a “baby sprinkle” for Mom’s who already have a couple kiddos but definitely deserve a little spoiling!

Depending in your Due Date will you plan for a Holiday card including an ultrasound/announcement/gender revel of the baby?

It sounds like a ton of questions, but really it’s reality. Your news is so exciting and you should be able to share it as you feel best. Whether that is having your kiddo wear a “big sister” shirt to their cousin’s birthday party next weekend or a cute little gift for the new grandma and grandpa to be. Maybe you want to make it a HUGE thing and throw a big party and blurt it out randomly. (We blurted it out with our third at my Cousin’s Birthday dinner and everyone was really excited. Mind you, she is the God-Mother of all of the kids so it was okay. We also announced on my Husband’s side of the family at this Grandfathers 80th Birthday, with a frame that said “Baby coming April 2017. Everyone was shocked!)

What are some ways you can announce, really?

  • T-Shirt on older sibling at family event.
  • Gift for Grandparents (onesie, ultrasound, Grandparent to be).
  • Holiday Card
  • Funny Video sent via email or social media.
  • Picture Announcement – these are my favorite!
    • Prego Jar
    • Mom’s at the toilet, Dad at the door, “We are Pregnant”.
    • What’s one more? (these are super popular right now).
    • Family photo with ultrasound.
    • Eating for two/drinking for two.
    • Special T-Shirts made for each of you.
  • Holiday Gift (examples: Easter Eggs, Christmas Stocking, Little Turkey).
  • Family Dinner with serious hints: spaghetti dinner, baby “finger” foods, dinner rolls in the oven, etc.


How-ever you decide to do it, make it fun and make it your own. Be proud of it and be excited! You only get to announce a baby … well as many times as you have one, but it should be memorable.

Here is a peak at what we did! I love the movie style announcements all over Pinterest right now and we tried so hard to get some family photos … they failed miserably because of the kids, so we went a different route. We mailed them as a postcard to all of our family and friends! It was super inexpensive and we loved it.


What's one more?

Our 4th Pregnancy Announcement


Congratulations again on your new baby! I wish you the best time on this new journey!