I will be honest, I am not one to subscribe to a monthly box, nor have I ever been interested in any that I have seen. I have seen the date night boxes, kid clothes boxes, food boxes, activity boxes for kids, and more. However, something about becoming pregnant for my fourth time made me curious when I saw an ad for Bump Boxes. I rarely purchase something for myself unless it is something I truly need, yet I have no problem spending money on the kids.

Do you have that problem?

So I saw the promo code for 40% off your first box and I figured I would just try it, at least for one month and see if I would like it. Well, I got my first box and so far I have honestly used every item in it. Two of the items I will definitely be purchasing when I run out!

Let’s break down what I got, shall we?

First off the packaging is super adorable, you truly feel like you are opening a present! For yourself!! Eek! Okay, sorry I got distracted. There is a card when you open the box which says something that gives away the theme of your box. Mine read “Get Your Glow On”!

Bump Box

Bump Box

Bump Box

So cute…

Bump Box Inside


Bump Box Inside

Bump Box Goodies


Inside my Get Your Glow On Box was:

  • Glow Organics 9 Pure Belly Butter.
    • Retails at $24.99. It is an organic butter made with only 5 simple ingredients and designed to help prevent stretchmarks. Unscented to help mom’s sensitive to smells


My Opinion: This stuff is seriously amazing. I have never purchased a lotion or butter for my belly while pregnant, and I got serious stretchmarks from my first pregnancy which makes me wonder if I would have used something maybe they wouldn’t be so bad. However, I have extremely pale skin so I feel like it was bound to happen with one of them. But, I LOVE this stuff, I use it every day.


  • Earth Mama Tea Sampler.
    • Retails at $5.99. A sampler box of Earth Mama’s best pregnancy teas. It includes morning sickness, heartburn, and stress.


My Opinion: I am extremely sensitive to tea with this pregnancy, I have already tried the heartburn and morning sickness teas and I really enjoyed both.


  • BumpLife “Tired As A Mother” Ceramic Mug.
    • Retails at $9.99. An adorable mug with the most relatable sentiment.


My Opinion: I use this so much my kids as how tired I am every morning. It is a smaller cup which is nice for teas! Love it.


  • Anna Lisa Cotton Ovals.
    • Retails at $7.50. All natural and chemical free soft cotton pads.


My Opinion: Love these! I normally purchase the generic cotton pads, if I buy any at all. These have Argan Oil in them and they are so soft, plus there are 40 to a package, so that’s well over a months worth!


  • Dickenson’s Pore Perfecting Toner.
    • Retails at $9.99. A Pregnancy safe toner that uses witch hazel to refresh skin and refine pores.
    • There is even a sample of Dickinson’s wipe!!


My Opinion: I am a stickler when it comes to my skin care routine, I have super pale and super sensitive skin. So I use specific products that I like to stick with. I have been using this toner for a week now and oh my gosh! My pores have shrunk dramatically and my acne from this pregnancy (oh so fun) has gotten better, which only took three days of using. I will definitely be purchasing this!


  • 6 Lavender Soy Candle.
    • Retails at $7.99. An aromatherapy candle made with no synthetic fragrances, paraffin, lead of worries.


My Opinion: Wow! This truly smells like lavender and not fake lavender. I use lots of essential oils and natural wax melts in my home and this is so perfect. Small in size, mine is almost gone already because I love it so much. I have it in my office and it is so calming.


So there you have it! Some seriously amazing products and I am actually using them. I honestly didn’t think I would like anything or really use anything in my box, but I cannot wait to get my next box. My favorite part is Bump Boxes customizes for your due date, so I will get things that are helpful or fun for my month of my pregnancy.

Go spend a little something on yourself! Enjoy something once a month and feel good about it!

Follow the link to get your box!!



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