So when you are shopping for something where do you go?  I personally go to Target or (shh don’t tell my Husband hehe) But when I am looking for a specific gift I turn to one of my friends or Nail Lady/LuLa Lady/Coffee Lady for example, because it is helping them out financially and it is GREAT product that I know I will love.

So my Husband and I were talking one night and it was so crazy because we were thinking the same thing … what if you could shop for all of those things in one place? Uhm, yes please!

So I would like to introduce to you the Mommy Said So Blog Bazaar!!
(Click below)

Mommy Said So Blog Bazaar

You will find all kinds of goodies and at the perfect time for the Holidays! These ladies work so hard on their businesses and I want to help support them by bringing customer’s there way. Also, their products are amazing and I wouldn’t be showing you unless I believe in them!!

Get your shop on!! Go!! Now!!


xo – Jen