As a Mom, especially a SAHM, I find it hard to stay calm sometimes. Our busy schedule tends to become overwhelming and I tend to get flustered easily. I loose track of what is most important on an over scheduled day; forgetting to put dinner in the crock-pot on time or forgetting one of the kids water bottles when we leave for an activity will ruin my entire day. However even though my job doesn’t stop I have to stop and take a breath once in awhile and remember what is truly important. I have to remember that before anything else I am a Mom and that job is always most important, above any other responsibility or job I might have.

I chose to be a Mother at a young age, I was 22 when I delivered my first child. A girl. I vowed to take care of her and to provide for her and I haven’t stopped doing that since the day she was born. I have two more children with another one coming soon, and my priorities have never changed. I may have gone through a divorce and gotten remarried and I may have struggled as a stressed out single Mom supporting her kids, but I did it, and I couldn’t be more proud of myself for it. I provided for them every single day because that is my job.

So what am I trying to tell you? How are you supposed to live in the moment when you are extremely busy and stressed out? How do you absorb the good when you haven’t showered in three days and look like the crazy cat lady? I’ll tell you … you stop and you listen. For example: What are you doing right this second? Are you scrolling through Pinterest? Are you making dinner? Are you avoiding a family get together? Are you at work? Are you watching your kids play while reading this? …. Okay, now why are you doing what you are?

This morning I took my kids to school and watched my Son struggle to get his jacket zipped over ten times. I stopped and I helped him, but not after loosing my mind and regretting getting upset in front of the kids. But it happened and I moved forward. If I had stopped in that moment and simply helped him instead of getting frustrated that he couldn’t do it the first time, I may not have gotten so upset. See what I’m saying here?

You decide how crazy your life is. You sign your kids up for activities (I did). You decide what you are having for dinner or what outfit they should wear that day for school. You decide what time they get up in the morning. But remember this … you also decide what you teach them. Your actions directly affect them and their learning style. How you speak to them affects them for the rest of their lives. It is their ‘’normal”; and as they get older and have relationships or get married or have children, you are inside in them. It could be a memory or a reaction or something so simple, but it will affect them forever.

I say this because I catch myself doing things that I once saw or I once ‘inherited’ if you will; I see it after it’s happened. I watch my kids react as if they are confused by what just happened. I don’t want my children to grow up and dislike their upbringing but I also want them to be confident in who they are and remember that I taught them to be that way. I want them to know that life is sometimes hard and extremely unfair and sadly sometimes there is nothing we can do about it. However, we can control our emotions and our reactions. We can stop and think and live in the moment. Whether it be for a split second or for an entire day. We have the option of choosing how we respond. We always do.

I watch my toddler be hilarious every single day, now I’ll admit that there are days that I watch her more and there are days where I’m watching her and really doing something else, because I’m a Mom and let’s face it I have to get things done when I can. But I’ll stop my Husband and just make him watch her play. It may seem silly, but her imagination and her love for life is truly a blessing.

I get frustrated with my seven-year-old because she got emotional because the toddler took something away and my immediate response is that she’s a toddler she doesn’t know. Wrong! I have to teach them both a lesson in that moment, no matter how busy I am or how stressed out I must be. My job as a Mother doesn’t stop and I say that over and over because there are so many opportunities to correct a situation or to help your kids or spouse with something…without getting upset.

You only get ONE life to live.

You get ONE chance to make it what you want.

You get ONE experience of being a parent each time you have a child.

You get ONE shot at showing your partner you truly love them and meaning it forever.

You only get ONE life …


Do you live in the moment?

Do you stop to help a stranger?

Do you help your kids put on their shoes and teach them to tie the laces?

Do you show up when your spouse needs you?

Do you compliment your relationship by holding up your end of things?

Do you stop to look at the clouds?

Do you think of other before you react?

Do you slow down when you are rushing to an appointment?

Do you send a text just because you can brighten someone’s day?

Do you worry about others and not just yourself?

Do you stop and think?


Don’t waste your day getting frustrated by a messy house or a busy schedule. Live for right now. Teach your children to do the same. They are your future.