My kids are germ buckets and I mean literally covered in germs. Two attend school full time and two are home with me. Mind you, one is currently only three weeks old so my anxiety level of it being Flu-Season is maxed out. On top of that having two at school drive me crazy, because it is basically a pool of germs, am I right? Okay, maybe not, I do tend to blow germs out of proportion. However, having a newborn at this time of year makes for a stressed out Momma. So what do I do about it? Insert my secret weapon!

Melaleuca! This company was introduced to me about four years ago and I did my research and didn’t really think much of it until myself and my kids caught the flu while I was pregnant with baby #3. Now, everyone has a different immune system and everyone’s kids react differently to cold and flu season. Mine, caught everything and all the time. I felt like we never left the house because one of us was always sick. Well, I was determined to do something about it because there is nothing worse than a house full of sick people 24/7. So I looked at the difference in store bought vitamins and Melaleuca vitamins and man is there a difference!

First of all store bought vitamins lack something that Melaleuca vitamins have; Oligo Technology! Oligo binds proteins and fibers to minerals (just like fruits and vegetables) to help your kids more easily absorb and benefit from the nutrients they need to grow and develop. Another benefit; all of Melaleuca’s vitamins are powerered by Oligo! 

Here is a Breakdown of a Kids Multivitamin:

Smarty Pants Kids Complete Gummies

(which you can find here)

Serving size: 4 gummies PER day

Price: $15-20


13 essential nutrients including Vitamin D3, Omega-3 DHA and Vitamin B12


Melaleuca Oligo Koala pals Chewables OR Shakeables 

(I personally use the Shakeables daily for the kids and we have the Chewables as back up for when we are not at home or they have a sleepover) 

Serving Size: 

Chewables: Children 2-3 years of age: 2 tablets daily | Children 4 or older: 4 tablets daily

Shakeables: Children 2-3 years of age: 1 scoop daily  | Children 4 or older: 2 scoops daily


Chewables: Memberprice: $13.99

Shakeables: Memberprice: 15 serving bag $14.99 | 30 serving bag $23.00 | 2 pack of 15 servings each $25.99 | 2 pack of 30 servings each $43.99 

(I personally purchase the 30 serving 2 pack for $43.99 and 1 bottle of the chewables)


Chewables: 21 essential vitamins and minerals with Oligo Technology and Proteins and Fibers

Shakeables: 22 essential vitamins and minerals. 9g of protein per serving. 3g of fiber per serving 

My kids have been on a store bought vitamin before and they got sick just like any other kid did during cold and flu season. Now please don’t think that I am telling you to stop purchasing the store bought vitamins that your kids or you currently take!! If they work for you, GREAT, I am simply giving my experience and my opinion with these products! I wanted to do more for their immune systems though, we started them on the Melaleuca Koala Pals Shakeables roughly a year and a half ago. I personally mix it with Chocolate Almond Milk and 2% Milk versus water (like stated on the bag) and it is a great morning shake or evening dessert. Plus it keeps them full for awhile. Our two year old even gets it now too. They have been healthier, happier, they poop more frequently; they are eating better on top it, AND they ask for their shake daily! The two year old screams “SHAKE” down the hall, while running to the kitchen when she hears the blender! I use our Ninja Blender and it works great. 

I am a avid believer that these vitamins work! I personally take the Women’s Multivitamin in Pre-Natal with Oligo Technology and my Husband takes the Men’s Multivitamin with Oligo Technology, he also takes the Replenex Supplement for his joints! We add the Activate Immune Complex Supplement which is a wonderful mix of Vitamin C and E with zinc and more during flu season. The kids also take this in drink mix (orange flavor) if they get sick. 

I cannot stress to you enough, especially coming from a high anxiety about sickness Mom, how much these products have changed our lives! I use Melaleuca’s cleaning products, some of their Essential Oils, and my favorite is their Laundry and Dishwashing Soaps!! WOW! On top of it, I save money on these products and earn rewards for purchasing every month. (Which I will be completely honest with you – is NOT why I use their products, it is just a great perk!)

I have had dozens of friends ask what kind of vitamins the kids use, because I brag about them so often and I probably should have shared them sooner with you, so I truly apologize! Try them! Try something! Keep your kids and yourself and your family healthy!! It’s simple! Use safer and greener products in your home! We do! I wouldn’t change it for the world and I wouldn’t recommend it if truly didn’t work or we didn’t see a difference! Ask my Husband!! If he doesn’t take his vitamins he can tell! 

Check out Melaleuca for yourself! Ask me questions! Don’t be afraid to get healthy! 

Find your Melaleuca information here!!