The other day my Dad was attending my Daughter’s Gymnastic’s class, I happened to notice his car pull in and watched him walk in. As he got to the door another Mom was walking in with her kids. He opened the door and held it open for her for a good 20 seconds before her and her kids reached the door, they entered. She did not even acknowledge him. She did not say thank you. She did not smile. She did not do anything. She went about her day as if it hadn’t even happened. The best part, in my opinion, was that her Daughter is in my Daughter’s class. So she was there the entire time we were, sitting in the same section, watching the same class.

I find two things about this to be funny. One, that she was rude about it. That the smallest smile or nod or thank you would have been a kind gesture. That it would have taught her children to notice their surroundings and to be kind to others who are kind to them. The second thing I find funny is how much it upset my Dad, as it would have me. He went out of his way to be kind and in return was ignored.

How hard is it? How much effort does it take for you to smile at someone when they are in your way with a child or an elderly man walking a little slower in an isle than you might want. How hard is it really?

I try to teach my children to be kind, to be nice, and to be respectful. To treat others how they except to be treated. It is NOT an easy task sometimes. I have three children and almost every time we are at a store someone cuts us off or pushes their way in front of us. I had a lady last week literally hit my stroller … THERE IS A CHILD IN THAT STROLLER. She didn’t even look back.

What happened … why are we all in such a rush? Why is it so difficult to just be nice? WHY?

Leave me a comment below … tell me something you did for someone else. The simplest gesture. I want to THANK YOU!!