Are you a Mom? What are you doing right this second? Are you folding laundry or putting away dishes? Are you cleaning the house or wiping off the babies high chair? Are you paying bills and updating the calendar? Are you enjoying a coffee date? Are you browsing through Facebook? Are you taking a much needed break from all the things you do? Are you binge watching your favorite show because if you don’t get a little me-time you might explode?

I want you to think about your day so far today. What did you do today with your kids? Are they at school? If so, what did you say to them before you dropped them off or they got on the bus? How did you interact with them? Maybe it’s after dinner and they are reading a book or playing together and you are on your phone or computer catching up on work or just trying to get a much needed 5 minute break from being a Mom. How was your dinner? Did you sit down as a family? Did you ask about their day? Did anyone ask about yours?

See, the smallest thing can change their whole perspective! Their busy little brains are a million miles a minute and the smallest act of love or patience goes a long way for them. If you were stressed out and in a hurry this morning, they went to school a little anxious. If you took the time to be patient and prepped them for their day and what they might learn, they went to school prepared and calm.

Now I will be the first to admit I am a BUSY Mom and sometimes I do not take the time to just be a Mom. I overlook certain things and sometime’s I don’t answer all of their questions. (In my defense, my Son has 4,000 questions a day.) But it shouldn’t stop me from being involved with them. Our family has a crazy schedule due to my Husbands work right now. He leaves before any of us even think about getting up and he gets home at bedtime. There is usually enough time to read a book or share stories about their day, but it’s never enough time. I am exhausted from being home with the baby or the baby and the middle kiddo and depending on the day or what errands we ran or chores I got done. He is exhausted from work and is usually hungry. But they don’t see those things. They see him and want to play and go for a bike ride. The baby wants to play and she doesn’t quite understand that she’s too little to rough house. My point is … as exhausted as we are … they are only this little one time.

You only get so much time with them before they go off to college, get married, start families, have jobs and lives of their own. You only get to make these memories once. Even if it’s a funny bath time memory or a day at the Zoo together as a family. You are in control of their little lives. You get to teach them the answers to all the silly questions they ask. YOU are what they need on a daily basis!

As much as I need a break (most days) I try to take a step back and be patient. I try to remember that they are so excited to do things and learn new things. That even though I would like more help as a Mom, it’s okay to take a break for myself once in awhile. It’s okay to sit on the couch and watch T.V. when the baby is sleeping. It’s okay to make them go play together so I can cook dinner. But don’t do it every day. Don’t forget that you only get so much time with them before they grow up. Read the books, 20 times if they ask you to. Play the games. Go for the walks. Plan trips to the Zoo or vacations or anything, together as a family.

Be there. Be present. Be involved.

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