Hoppy Easter!


As a Mom who struggles with anxiety, I am always looking for different ways to keep my kids healthy and my anxiety in check. Opening Easter Eggs for example makes me cringe when I see all of the candy falling out of them. So over the last few years I have found a few ways to help ease my worry and still keep those eggs as exciting for them to open.

The photo to the left is what came home from school with my Daughter today … from her teachers. **Mom Cringe**


These are this years goodies for our eggs:

#1: Annie’s Bunny Grahams Mix – Shaped like bunnies and some are chocolate.

#2: Annie’s Fruit Snacks – Shaped like bunnies and colorful.

#3: Coupons – Homemade or if you are pinched for time, I found some adorable egg shaped coupons Target in the card section. They were a whopping 99 cents!

#4: Money – I tend to do $1.00 bills because the kids are so little still and I don’t want the chance of the baby getting ahold of coins.

I also color coordinate the eggs to the kids. So for example last year (since this year will be a little more tricky for us, since we have another little one hunting for eggs.) My oldest Daughter had to find the pink and white eggs and my Son had to find the blue and green ones. The yellow eggs were fair game. So it helped in making sure they each got the same amount of money or coupons.

Baskets are another story for this anxiety filled Mom, but again I do one small chocolate item and the rest is crafts, toys, puzzles, books (a must), socks, bubbles, and this year we opted to do board games. So there is more of a fun loot to find in the morning! Since our “Bunny” doesn’t leave candy in his eggs.

Happy Easter to you and your family!