It’s your turn to bring something to the Pot Luck, 4th of July get together, Birthday party, or playdate! Quick, think of something semi-fancy yet super easy because let’s face it … you are too busy to make something because it’s the day before or the day of and none of the kids are ready, you have to shower, or you are simply way to busy to spend 2 hours in the kitchen making something fancy.

Insert the easy idea that I wish I had found sooner: Fruit, kabob sticks, and peeps (for Easter) or anything you can put on a kabob stick that is festive or decorative! 🙂

This only took us about 30 mins, it would have been less time if we weren’t trying to feed all 3 kids at the same time. We made about 36 of them all together (2 boxes of Peeps, by the way barf! haha I am not a fan, but they looked cute). We brought one tray to one event and one try to another and all together we ended up with 5 left! Not bad! Lots of compliments!

So next time you are wanting to look like the fancy Mom that has it all together, give yourself a break and make something easy!