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I am a Mom of 3 kids. Count them  … 3! I never had a carrier besides an inexpensive one I got as a gift at my very first Baby Shower. It was a one position carrier and to be completely honest I never used it. I saw Mom’s all the time wearing their babies and I will admit I was a little jealous. Fast forward to baby number 3 and my best friend who just had another baby mentioned this LILLE Carrier she had. She showed me how it worked and said it was THE best thing she ever got! I did my research and although I was hesitant because my daughter was almost a year old I knew that I would use it, so I immediately ordered one.

I am not one to purchase a big ticket item for myself but this was something I knew I would use and I knew it would make my ‘mommy-ing’ easier! And guess what … it DID! I will never promote a product I do not personally use or believe in and that is a promise.

This carrier has made my daily activities with the kids so much easier. My daughter loves the ‘face-out’ position because she can see everything and her favorite thing is helping push the shopping cart. Which does make it a little harder for me, but keeps her calm, which at the end of the day makes my life much easier. I have used this carrier more than 20 times since I purchased it only a few weeks ago! I LOVE IT! LLLOOVEEE it!

Disclaimer: this LILLE Carrier  is the most comfortable thing! My daughter weighs about 20 pounds and I have no issues wearing this for an extended period. Spend the money! This carrier features 6 positions and does not require you to purchase any additional pillows or inserts. (which was a huge reason as to why I chose it.)

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