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How many of you Moms have boys? Are you a Mom of multiple boys? If you are a Mom of only girls applaud yourself now, because a) you deserve it and b) this post really won’t help your daughter at all, but it could be a great gift! You just never know.

Okay boy moms listen up! I am a Mom of one boy … ONE … well and my husband, but that’s for another day. This little boy I have has been potty trained since he was … 3. Yes, you read that correctly. He was 3 years old when he FINALLY learned how to go on the potty. Disclaimer: he is still in a pull up/night time underwear at night. But during the day he pees in the regular old toilet, mostly because he was never interested in a potty chair and he always waited too long to put the potty seat on the toilet, so he just used a step stool to go.

He is now 5 and I will admit that I didn’t always notice when he missed the toilet. I really started noticing when I was pregnant with baby number 3, mostly because it smelled just awful in the bathroom. Well baby number 3 is now a year old and the toilets in all of our bathrooms have become … stained and smelly. Now, I clean weekly but I was cleaning every other day. Our main bathroom was the worst too. So you might be asking yourself what you can do in order to get your kiddo to pee IN the toilet and not on the back of it, around it, on the floor, on the rug you just washed that he is standing on, or my personal favorite … the wall behind the toilet. Yup …

Bam! I remember seeing this little boys urinal on Facebook before, so I googled it. I present to you the Foryee Cute Frog Potty, this little guy was on sale on Amazon for $10 when I bought it! Yes $10! I remember spending an upwards of $30 on a potty chair for my oldest daughter when she was potty training. So I put that cute little Frog Potty in my cart and it arrived 2 days later! (I recently became a AmazonPrime member, amazing!)

We opened the Frog Potty together. He was SO excited. It was the perfect size. I love that it has suction cups so you can easily attach it to tile or right to the side of your bathtub! (He is too tall for that and we don’t have tile on the wall) So we used the perfect sized little hanging clip that came with it, along with the sticky side and mounted it right to the wall. We inserted the actual part that he pees into and bam a toddler sized urinal! It also has a spinner for them to aim their pee, genius or genius??

I never in a million years thought I would have to buy a specific potty chair for my son. I had already had a kiddo and we had the potty chair that she used … but it wasn’t suited for him. I had try to teach him to sit and then hold his little wee-wee down and I can’t tell you how many times I got peed on. Now … I am not one to tell you to run out and buy something, but this is definitely something I would purchase again and I would purchase as a gift! I no longer clean up pee on the toilet or floor or wall! I do have to empty it when he goes, but I just grab it and dump it right in the toilet whenever I go in the bathroom. I rinse it out in the sink and pop it back in. Disclaimer: do not let the water hit the spinner while you are rinsing it or you will end up like I did and have pee splattered water all over you and your bathroom.


Click here Foryee Cute Frog Potty  to purchase this amazing toddler urinal! They have more than one style! Plus it is under $20, you can’t beat that right!



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