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Mother’s Day is just a few weeks away and I’m going to guess that you probably haven’t picked out a gift for your Mom/Mom-in-Law/Grandmother/Sister/Best Friend/or spouse just yet? I know I haven’t … shh! I have put together a little list of things that the Mom in your life might want! Something she would never buy herself or something that she’s been hinting at for weeks. (Dad’s pay attention!)

So where do you turn to for gift getting? Do you have time to pack up the kids and run to the mall without her knowing what you are up to? What’s her favorite store? How do you figure out what she wants?

Spouse TIP: Sneak on her Pinterest account, you don’t have to create anything, but if she’s like any other Moms out there she has a board of “wish list” items that she has her eye on. Use her phone if you have too! Getting her something she secretly wanted will be such a surprise to her, she will be so excited!! Now if you are crunched for time, waited too long to order something, or you just want to get everything done in on place, I have the perfect Mom approved store … drum roll please … TARGET. (Duh!)

Here is a list of a few things for those fabulous Momma’s out there:

1) A new purse, just for her. Something she would never purchase for herself or maybe something she needs new and just doesn’t want to spend the money on. (You can spend under $45 on a long lasting purse at Target.)

2) A new necklace! You can go in so many different directions on this one. Have the kids pick out something pretty, go fashionable or serious. Grab the earrings to match, make it fun!

3) Pamper her with a gift set of bubble bath and lotion or pick and choose from the new delicious lines Target offers. This isle also has some amazing new perfumes to choose from. Don’t stop there, grab a basket from the home section and fill it with goodies: Face masks, Nail polish, and a good smelling candle (please smell before purchasing).

4) Grab a yummy bottle of wine and a pretty glass just for her. (Don’t forget to pick up some flowers with this one. Have the kids make Mom a ‘Coupon Book’ full of things that they can do for HER, not the house, HER.)

5) A keepsake for her important items. Add a little touch to this one and put something in it. A message from you, a $100 bill, or a gift card for her to spend on herself.

MOST IMPORTANT ITEM: A Mother’s Day card. Please don’t forget this one! Write something in it, make it special. (If you forget this item, have the kids make her a card.)

REMEMBER: Mom shouldn’t be cooking all day, plan to go out for dinner, order in or plan to make her dinner with the kids. Make sure she isn’t cleaning up dishes or changing all the dirty diapers. Make her feel special (side note, you should be doing this anyways, but make it extra special today).