Hello all you Mom’s and hopefully some Dad’s! Just due to the fact that the blog is called Mommy Said So, I hope this sheds a little light on how we think our “Potty Mouth” is hard to control around our kids!


So my name is Spencer, I am Jen’s husband. I am a welder by trade and I work out in the field of heavy construction. I work crazy hours and am all over the place. I have traveled the country for work, met some pretty interesting people and seen some pretty crazy things! But before I forget, I would like to thank my beautiful wife for giving me a chance to share something on her Blog and more importantly thank her for marrying me, and putting up with my crap!

So when it comes time to separate “Work Word’s” Vs. “Home Words” it is damn hard to keep yourself from using bad words, phrases, comments, hell even down to gestures! (See I even did it there.) It’s tough, I mean everyone you work with, your friends, everyone has a dirty mouth when it comes to being around kids and I personally can barley remember to bite my tongue. Jen and myself catch ourselves doing it all the time. It usually turns into something completely stupid. “Oh shiitake mushrooms” is my personal favorite, but that’s due to a movie I watched when I was a kid. Don’t get me wrong little kids swearing is hilarious, I will watch it over and over again. But when my kids do it I get upset, not at them but at myself! It’s tough, really tough to keep those words separate between work and home!

So what are we supposed to do change all the words we use? Stop using them all together? Like what the hell are adults our age to do? We grew up with parents that swore some what around us, not all the time but sometimes, and then when we got a little bit older and all hell broke loose and the mufflers came off! Now that I am a parent I see where my parents came from and I find it difficult to bite my tongue, especially coming home from work. So Jen and I usually back each other up when it comes to a discussion, we tend to catch each other half way through a word and you will hear one of us say “ahh da da da” to buffer over a word. We try word replacement over anything else, mostly because it’s just our personality.

One of the hardest things I struggle with in front of the kids is music, I love music, that’s what we have going all the time. But some of my music is … well how do you say “not PG”. So now I find myself editing music and my choice of music. Which sucks but I’m starting to cringe when the kids are in the car and let’s say your favorite song comes on and one of the first words is “Female Dog” (which is one of my favorite substitutions) and then you hear them in the back seat singing right along with the song and not a care in the world! I started picking songs, made playlists just for the kids and even some times when the song is just so amazing and it’s the kids favorite I will hit the mute button on the radio just long enough so that they don’t notice or you can catch them mid word and correct them!

So now you feel like you have failed… well you haven’t its just time for a little change! I guarantee you are not the worst parent nor will you ever be! I started to pay a little more attention in my work life, how I was with friends, family, and especially TV and music!

Some examples of substitute words:

Cheese and Rice


Hannah Montana

Fart knuckles

Shiitake Mushroom


Good luck all you moms and dads out there, it’s tough but I know you can do! Just remember your raising the next generation!

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