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So let me start off by telling you something about myself. I am a Mom of 3 kids and a few years ago my Husband bought me a professional camera. I have always loved photography and what better hobby to have when you have kids! I have a Facebook Page dedicated to my photos and over the last 2 years I have met some amazing families. I have had the honor or photographing my Brother’s wedding and reception, as well as a friend’s reception. I have captured a few brand new babies and been a part of quite a few pregnancy announcements (which are my favorite!). I love every minute of it. I am by no means a professional nor do I advertise that I am. However I am probably known to those who know me as the Mini Session Photo lady, which I am totally okay with!

Photos are such a special memory to have and so many people charge so much money, I could never get family photos done because I couldn’t afford them. I have started small and to be honest having another baby set me back a little, but it also helped me learn more. I honestly don’t know even half of the settings on my camera but I play with the lighting and I use what is around me. I like to shoot raw and not mess around with all the fancy stuff! I do pay for a program that I use to edit and it’s fairly easy to use!

I hope one day to have a little studio of my own and to create moments that you get to keep forever, it may take some time but that’s okay with me. It did take me some time to be confident in photography, to come out of my shell and really open up to a customer and their family. I enjoy taking photos of kids because they are so adorable and the most candid shot is the absolute best shot to get! You can’t really make a mistake when there is this tiny person smiling back at you!

So if there is something you enjoy to do, something you want to learn more about, something you maybe haven’t shared with someone before … do it! Don’t hold back! Believe in yourself and don’t look back! You can do it!

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